How Distributors Can Gain Control Over Inventory to Cut Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Inventory Management is Cash Management

Inventory Management is Customer Management

How Software Helps Distributions Companies Gain Control Over Inventory

  • Expiration Dates-Acumatica lets you deduct expired items from your list of available inventory. This is accomplished through the assignment of an expiration date for individual lots. The software can automatically issue items with the earliest expiration date. This minimizes losses.
  • Transaction Reason Codes-By assigning a reason code to a transaction, such as a mark down in price, you gain the ability to measure trends and spot problems. The codes can link to the general ledger (GL) for inclusion in financial reporting.
  • Two-Step Transfers-Specialized distribution management software like Acumatica allows for inventory transfers to be performed in two steps. As a result, it is possible to track goods in transit between locations. The GL shows such transfers as “in transit.”
  • Inventory Bin/Location Control-Warehouse operations are a cost center for a distribution business. The more efficient you are at receiving and shelving shipments and fulfilling orders, the more profitable your distribution business will be. Acumatica supports this efficiency by enabling you to specify the types of items and transactions you allow. You can set priorities for fulfillment based on cost, bin and location.
  • Purchase Order Automation-ERP for distribution can automate purchase orders (POs) based on stock levels. This way, you will avoid running out of goods but also keep over-ordering to a minimum. The system can be set to place orders automatically with the lowest-cost, fastest-delivering vendor.
  • Sales Order Discounts and Promotions-Software can help you sell off your inventory for the highest possible price. Acumatica enables you to manage complex pricing and discount policies, e.g. volume discounts.
  • Inventory Sub-Items-Inventory management functionality in ERP leads to simplified reporting and tracking through the separation of goods into sub-categories, e.g. color, size and so forth.
  • Freight Costs-Moving goods around is a big part of your costs as a distributor. ERP for distributors has features for automated or manual allocation of freight costs to sales orders, invoices or shipments.



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