What the COO Should Look for in an ERP System?

What is the Relationship Between ERP and COO?

  • Meeting customer needs through well-run operations, e.g. on-time delivery, good customer service, adequate inventories, etc.
  • Sales and marketing (though in some cases, there are “C-Levels” who have this portfolio)
  • Corporate financial performance, as it relates to operating activities, e.g. high gross profit from operations and inventory management that helps, not hurts, the cash cycle
  • Supply chain management and all aspects of vendor relationships
  • Human resources, including recruiting and retention of top talent
  • Planning for future operational needs
  • Implementation of change programs, e.g. new plant facilities, organizational restructuring

Acumatica and the COO

  • Meeting customer needs-Acumatica has deep operational features that oversee order management, deliveries, field service and so forth. There are several different vertical modules for construction companies, manufacturers, distributors and others.
  • Sales and marketing-Customer Resource Management (CRM) is part of Acumatica. The product also integrates with sales management applications.
  • Corporate financial performance-Accounting and financial management are core to Acumatica ERP. The COO can set up customized dashboards that display financial and operational data to enable effective real time management.
  • Supply chain management and all aspects of vendor relationships-Vendor and purchasing management features in Acumatica give the COO the ability to define and monitor supply chain management as he or she sees fit.
  • All aspects of human resources-HR is an optional module for Acumatica, though the solution will also integrate with other HR platforms if that is what works best for the COO.
  • Planning and implementing change projects-In-depth reporting along with project management tools in Acumatica give the COO powerful tools for planning and overseeing change projects on time and on-budget.

Additional ERP Resources for the COO



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